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·         Participants agreed that Customer Service and help from Overdrive has been excellent. One library changed to a 14-digit barcode and experienced no problems.


·         Most library customers want to be able to return books before 10 days and are frustrated when they cannot. Cheryl noted this is a publishing license issue that Overdrive has agreed to. INFOLINK and CJRLC will bring this to the attention of Overdrive once again.


·         Discussion of the separate workstation for in-library – it is $3500 per station no matter how many libraries join but need at least 3 for any set-up. There is no discount! It is expensive and has been difficult to get three libraries involved all at once to do it.



ListenNJ - New Features Added

                                                             Posted on Nov. 4, 2008




We are delighted to let you know that the following features have now been added to ListenNJ.com. 


  • Patrons can now add titles to a ‘Wish List’ for possible checkout at a later time (this link displays when viewing a title, and search results)



  • The ability to edit the email address used when placing a hold



  • The details page of most titles will display ‘If you like this title, then you'll love these...’. – This is a listing of suggested titles that may interest the patron based on the title that is being displayed.



  • Full text searching (Please note that the show only available copies check box in the ‘Quick Search’ area has been temporarily removed but will be added back at a later date).




The help pages at your site have been updated where needed to reflect some of these changes.


As ever, if you have any questions, please let us know!



Library Reserve Support Team




OverDrive Download Station Software




Order Form:    ODS_OrderForm.doc     ODS_OrderForm.pdf


Fax to: 216-573-6888 


(Posted on June 10, 2008)




Preview of new format announcements at PLA

from OverDrive (3.18.2008)




Please read the attached pdf file above that include the following information:


- OverDrive MP3 Audiobooks

- More supported devices including iPod

- The initial catalog of OverDrive MP3 Audiobook titles

- OverDrive Media Console Updates & OverDrive Media Console for the Mac

- Updated messages and policies for OverDrive download media

- Timetable



OverDrive - Server Maintenance - March 22, 2008


In a continuous effort to provide our customers with a robust server platform, OverDrive will be performing a series of infrastructure upgrades and is scheduling a single maintenance window to allow for these upgrades.


**When is this maintenance going to happen?**
This maintenance window will occur on Saturday, March 22, from 6:00 am - 4:00 pm EST.


For some or all of this time, all OverDrive-hosted library sites will display messaging as follows:


This site is undergoing routine maintenance, scheduled for March 22, from 6:00 am - 4:00 pm EST.  We regret any inconvenience; please visit again after this maintenance window.


**Why is OverDrive performing this maintenance?**
OverDrive is continually working to offer the best in service and infrastructure to all of our partners and our partners' end-users.  As new hardware and hosting opportunities become available to us, we need to upgrade our systems to provide these benefits to you.  These are typical of the upgrades you have come to expect from us as we pursue our goal of delivering the best possible experience with our sites and systems.


**What actions do I need to take?**
At this time, there is nothing you need to do.  OverDrive is handling all aspects of this upgrade.


**How can I get more information about this maintenance?**
If you have any questions about this maintenance window, please contact our Support Team at support@overdrive.com

Thank you,
The OverDrive Support Team



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