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Advantage Library Cart Naming Convention


To all Advantage Libraries:


When placing Advantage orders please use the following naming convention "ADV - Library Name - (whatever other info you want to include)". For example this is the correct format "ADV-MATAWAN-030113".


This will make the lives of those managing the budgets and orders MUCH easier. Please let Tina (tina.doody@plfdpl.info) know if you have any questions or concerns. Thanks! 

Collection Development Committee (CDC)
Tina Marie Doody, Chair, Plainfield Public Library
(In order of selection for 2020)
·    January: Tina Marie Doody (Plainfield)  
·    February: Michael Pucci (South Orange
·    March: Laura Nawrocik (Mercer County)
·    April:Tina Marie Doody (Plainfield)   
·    May: Ivonne Kratz (East Orange)W
·    June: Sherry Johnson (Highland Park)
·    July: Sharon Shrieves-Ward (Trenton)
·    August: April Kane (Woodbridge)
·    September: C.L. Quillen (Spotswood)
·    October: Jennifer Larsen (Sayreville)
·    November: Laura Nawrocik (Mercer)
·    December: Tina Marie Doody (Plainfield) 
 If you are interested in joining the Collection Development Committee, if I have forgotten to add you to the schedule, or if you need to switch your month please contact me at tina.doody@plfdpl.info.                                     


(revised 3/2/20)

  • The current monthly Collection Development budget is $19,000/mo.
  • The holds ratio is 10:1.
  •  Maintain standard to own no more than 10 copies of a title.
  • A minimum of 35% of the monthly budget (currently $6,650.00) will be spent on new titles.
  • Metered Access titles that have expired will not be renewed unless/until a hold is placed on an expired item. An order will be placed weekly for items with holds that have expired


Best Practices 

for Library Partners to Maximize download circulation

(OverDrive, posted on 2/2/2010)




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Anonymous said

at 10:59 am on Nov 16, 2007

Unfortunately this page got wiped out when I tried to add the November order information. I have contacted Mi-Sun and hopefully she will be able to fix my mistake. SORRY EVERYONE!!!

Anonymous said

at 12:08 pm on Nov 17, 2007

Don't worry, Tina! We can always revert the page to previous versions.
For your information, when you paste new contents on a page, please make sure that the existing contents are not removed. Place your cursor at the end of the page you are editing and paste the contents that you want to add.
I will add a note on the front page on this matter.

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